Volunteering at an orphanage : Creativity, Activity, Service

During my summer break, I decided to volunteer at an orphanage. This was my own decision. I believe that whenever you have time, you should do something that helps or makes others happy. Besides, I have always liked the children in an orphanage. L2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills I […]


SPREADING AWARENESS ABOUT COVID-19 AND DONATING MASKSI CREATIVITY AND SERVICE LO’s: skills and knowledge,commitment and perseverance,ethics, global significance, planning.  Covid-19 has become a pandemic and is widespread throughout the world. This is a tough time for many people. Some of them cannot even afford to buy basic necessities. This is why I decided to help […]


LEARNING YOGA ASANAS I ACTIVITY LO’s: develop own strengths and areas of growth, skills,commitment and perseverance, challenges undertaken. Yoga is an activity that is well-renowned over the world for its benefits. Yoga, also, is a medium for us to remember our own culture and values. It has positive impacts on both our mind and body. […]