CAS Project: Missing Anti-Trafficking Program

MISSING is a public awareness campaign that aims to spread awareness about the plight of millions of girls worldwide who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. I, along with four others, collaborated with Missing Link Trust to participate in their six-month program which entailed five engaging, intricate and thorough modules. Learning Outcome: 1 I found that I […]

Participating in English Essay Competitions!

I had always excelled at and enjoyed language and literature throughout Primary and Middle school. However, after choosing Science-based subjects, I stopped investing time in writing my own pieces. I did not want to lose my touch with writing and decided to participate in various online essay competitions for young authors. I specifically chose ones […]

Biology Enrichment Programme

As someone who has taken all three pure sciences, I have always been fascinated by the study of living organisms. When the University of Queensland created their own ‘Biology Enrichment Programme’, I instantly signed up. Over two months, there were four live sessions conducted by a professor from the university and three self-learning modules with […]