CAS Experience: Hindi Bhasha Divas.

I conducted activities on the hindi bhasha divas to promote our native language which is nowadays have been highly sidelined. People think that speaking in Hindi leads to a bad image and is a symbol of illiteracy. Basically, people, mainly millennials, are becoming embarrassed of speaking in Hindi. To cater to this issue, I, along […]

CAS Experience: Data Science and Maths Online Courses

About the Experience: I completed 4 online courses during my summer vacation. 3 of these courses were related to Data Science and the fourth one was related to Applied Calculus. The reason behind me doing these courses were to explore the fields of my interests so that while applying to colleges, I am clear on […]

Epilepsy bzzzzzzz

Epilepsy is a disease related to the central nervous system(CNS) in which brain activity becomes abnormal. It causes unusual behaviour, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness and also consciousness. Epilepsy in simpler words is a seizer disorder which means that a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain. Brain cells either excite or stop […]