Donating necessary things to underprivileged kids. (deaf and dumb hostel)

After the harsh period of lockdown the school that majority runs on charity had not way to provide their children with basic necessity thus i though the money that i raised from the marathon and cyclothon, percentage of that amount i also invested in buying the necessary items for the hotel, as they were in […]

barista training #4

creativity and activity Barista training programs teach students how to grind and brew coffee as well as prepare various coffee-based and other types of drinks. Some programs include instruction on various roasts, growing regions and grind types. My family is a stakeholder in one of the coffee producing company named KOKORO coffee. therefore, the main owner […]

CAS reflection 1# Cross fitness training.

I started cross fitness training as my CAS experience, which is an high intensity interval training, which advances 6 different element of the body, muscle power, endurance, cardio, strength, flexibility, and body composition. My essential aim was to enhance my power and restore strength as an athlete for a better performance. Along with the exercise i […]