SPREADING AWARENESS ABOUT COVID-19 AND DONATING MASKSI CREATIVITY AND SERVICE LO’s: skills and knowledge,commitment and perseverance,ethics, global significance, planning.  Covid-19 has become a pandemic and is widespread throughout the world. This is a tough time for many people. Some of them cannot even afford to buy basic necessities. This is why I decided to help […]

Collection Drive!

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of individuals globally. Lockdowns severely impacted people from lower income groups since they rely on daily wages to fulfill their basic needs. To contribute in the relief efforts, my friends and I decided to team up with GOONJ, a non-profit organziation. We arranged a collection drive, wherein people could […]

Participating in English Essay Competitions!

I had always excelled at and enjoyed language and literature throughout Primary and Middle school. However, after choosing Science-based subjects, I stopped investing time in writing my own pieces. I did not want to lose my touch with writing and decided to participate in various online essay competitions for young authors. I specifically chose ones […]