CAS – Learn and invest in Stock Exchange

It is very important to invest money. I think that stock market is the best place to invest money. So i learned the principles and about how the market functions. I also invested in a company which I have done reasearch.

Learning Outcomes –

L2 – I knew very little about the stock market. So I had to research and know everything about it. I used the app StockEdge to learn about the stock. Initially it was difficult for me to understand because of the difficult terms used in it. But I searched it and after some period I knew the basic terms and it was easy to understand after that.

L7 – Investing is very important in life as it is a type of saving of increasing the money if invested at right place. It can increase the value and we can also earn from it. Which is necessary for living in the the future. I found it important for life so I learned and invested.

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