Experience 4 – World Future Business Leaders [WFBL] (Creativity)

Business is everywhere, it is a part of every and any field and profession. Doctors, engineers, athletes, literally any field, especially marketing in particular can be seen everywhere and anywhere. Each and every one has to make money to make a living for themselves, and that involves – on different levels for each – the […]

CAS Experience- Taster Lecture Of University Of Bristol

The prospect of What I will accomplish in the near future used to eat me. I was glancing through various colleges and got some answers concerning the University of Bristol. After consulting with my career adviser about it, she proposed that I investigate it, as Economics was something which I was fascinated about and which […]

CAS Experience- Coursera Course On Microeconomics

In light of the pandemic, we had online classes, which were not extremely productive and a great method to study which didn’t interest me. Henceforth I didn’t accomplish great grades in microeconomics and as Economics was an essential subject for my profession, I decided to do a course on Coursera that helped me in learning […]