Missing Anti-Trafficking Program

MISSING is a public awareness campaign that aims to sensitize people to the plight of millions of girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Trafficking has always been a grievous issue, and with rising globalization, the risks only increase. Child trafficking has been a huge problem for India, with many girl children being forced to […]

ALFAAZ: Monsoon Musings – Season 3

Alfaaz: Monsoon Musings – Season 3, held on September 17, 2020, was a poetry event which aimed to appreciate the beauty of literature in different languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati and even Urdu). Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused many limitations, Alfaaz was a successful virtual event wherein participants could share their love for literature with others. […]

How To Save A Life: The Cardiac Arrest Version

To save someone’s life, it is important to understand the problem. In this post, we will discuss cardiac arrests! So, what are cardiac arrests? A cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person. It is not necessary for the person to have been diagnosed with heart disease. It can occur suddenly, […]