CAS- student lead session: Business Baazigars

(C-creativity, S-service) The first days in Fountainhead have always been enjoyable. Mainly because we don’t have to study, there are fun activities planned in every subject class. For the class of business management, we planned a presentation filled with activities. We made the class play group games that would refresh their business knowledge.  LO3-Initiating and […]

CAS – WFBL competition

(catered: C-creativity)Being someone who’s extremely intrigued by the corporate world and its abilities, I took part in the WFBL competition. World Future Business Leaders (WFBL) is an international educational initiative platform for high school students interested in business from all over the world. It helps students participating with the opportunity to learn, compete, grow, and […]

CAS- Cycling

(A- activity) In the midst of lockdown, when online school had become a routine, I started feeling an absence of physical activity. So I, along with some friends, started cycling every alternate morning. LO2-challenges and skills The challenge was physical(obviously). Cycling after such a long time, I felt as if my stamina wasn’t supporting me. […]