Cleaning the streets(8)


For this experience, I want to make sure that my house is in a good and clean neighborhood. I would like to lend my hand in cleaning the neighborhood. This will decrease the amount of trash people throw on the streets.


This would be a somewhat difficult task as I would like to clean as much trash as possible with the least amount of effort, meaning that I would have to do it with a group. It’s very difficult to get the timings right between the school classes, tuitions, and group study schedules that people have, the challenge was not cleaning, but making sure everyone shows up. I don’t like to take leads on group projects because of this and my lack of leadership skills, so I joined a group with a similar vision. 


The task became much easier to follow through when we divided the work between ourselves, as I was incharge of getting the gloves and extra masks, we met at the agreed location, and went to work for the next hour or so,  while it was very enriching, it was very tiring to do because of the masks necessary as safety measures we took in place of COVID-19.


This experience addressed Life on Land and Sustainable Cities and communities. I got to know about trash recycling and such in primary school and was made aware of the great mounds of plastic in the ocean and the great heaps of electronic waste in Delhi. And it forced me to think about cleaning the trash I see around my house. While I treated this cleaning as a chore, it made me feel good after I reflected on it at the end of the day. I feel like I had overestimated the amount of trash we would find because we were only able to fill 2 bags with trash, this made me feel a little relieved as this problem is not a big one for my city. 


This activity was very small but gave new insights to our situation as a whole as it is more of an ethical dilemma as trash is considered a common access resource rather than a personal responsibility to put it in the trash can, it is very important to engrave this into the societal norms as it is a very small habit that benefits the society in the long-run.


I feel like I have become more responsible after this experience as it has made me feel like I also contribute for the good of my local community and help make it a better place.

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