Project 1 – Psychology Club! Psyched About it! (Creativity and Service)

The Psychology Club, a club made for psychology enthusiasts and thinkers. Being the pioneers to opening a psychology club gave us an overwhelming response on our enrolment form. I think this was debatably the most exciting and most tiring one out of all that I had done for CAS. This was my first project (it’s […]

Project 2 – GOONJ Collection Drive! (Creativity, Activity and Service)

GOONJ is a NGO which works to provide/donate essentials to the needy, and when given the opportunity to volunteer as a team for collecting the materials and essentials for donation through GOONJ, me and 2 of my friends formed a team to work for this great cause. Due to the pandemic, the distance between essential […]

Experience 4 – World Future Business Leaders [WFBL] (Creativity)

Business is everywhere, it is a part of every and any field and profession. Doctors, engineers, athletes, literally any field, especially marketing in particular can be seen everywhere and anywhere. Each and every one has to make money to make a living for themselves, and that involves – on different levels for each – the […]

Experience 2 – Making Home Decorative Pieces (Creativity)

The inspiration behind me doing this experience was my declining creativity levels during the lockdown (due to COVID-19). I noticed that with the increased workload being an IBDP student there was a decrease in my engagement with creative arts, to not let it slip away completely I started to think of a few creative arts […]