Experience 6 – Home Workout (Activity)

To stay physically active and fit, I took up the challenge to workout daily at home for 2 weeks through an app called FitOn. It gave daily reminders for workout and workout plans different for each day according to our preferences for which it asked when making an account. Workout days were weekdays and Saturdays, with Sunday being rest day. The app had warm up exercises, different kinds of workouts and stretching post-workout.

LO 2 – We had our EE first draft submission on August 1st 2021, final draft submission of TOK exhibition report on 5th August 2021, first Psychology club session for year 2 term 1, IA topic selections, MATP Testimonial (for those who took it up) and Summative Assessments. All of this was on-going while I had chosen to workout through the app. I have done home workouts various times before so it wasn’t something new or difficult for me to do, but the challenge here was juggling and coping up with those many deadlines, submission, summatives and work. It was exhausting to do all of that along with working out regularly and going to school. There were times when I’d think of quitting workout for the day due to either exhaustion or deadlines which needed my immediate attention. And once I even quit the workout for that day and worked on what required my attention. But to compensate for that missed workout day, I did that day’s routine on one of the Sundays. The next time I would take up such a time and determination demanding task, I would make sure to have a clearer schedule to incorporate workouts without having to rush or worry about other things. As I took up this activity almost immediately after my activity of playing badminton ended, I think I maintained about a month’s regular physical training and learned quite a lot. This definitely built my endurance and stamina which made me feel energetic and I noticed that I slept earlier than usual while I worked out, which was another plus point.

LO 4 – To continue with this activity along with all the academic tasks listed above and balancing my personal life was extremely difficult for me. Knowing that I don’t really have a free schedule in the upcoming days, I decided to keep my workout routine for 2 weeks. That, I think was a really smart decision as a shorter time span motivated me to keep going for just a few more days whenever I felt like quitting. I’d motivate myself by saying “just 1 more week.”, “just 4 more days and then you’ll be done.”, etc. To balance academic work, this CAS activity and my personal life was really the only difficulty I faced but it wasn’t small or easy. And as it is I’m not a big fan of home workouts, I don’t really like to be at home and workout, I’d rather go play or cycle with my friends, or play some kind of sport in a coaching environment with others doing the same thing around me. I think watching others do the same workout as me motivates me and pushes me forward, which I definitely couldn’t achieve at home and thus it required huge lengths of motivational speeches from myself dedicated to myself, and also my favourite songs playlist in order to keep going.

To wrap it up, I am proud of myself for completing the activity even though it got boring alone, but music helped a lot! I demonstrated and developed the Learner Profile attributes of being Balanced and Principled, as I had to keep on going till I completed my routine of 2 weeks while balancing my life and work.


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