Gardening | Activity, Service

As a part of this experience i tried to teach myself gardening using my prior knowledge about plants and by learning specific information about the different types of flora i worked with. I had a garden in my home which i practiced in and i also applied this knowledge in potted plants at my current home.

L2 – Challenge and skills – This take required me to learn a lot of new skills since i was virtually a starter at gardening however as i faced challenges and as i got through them i garnered experience and learned new skills to use.

L3 – Initiative and planning – i had to plan my activities in this experience since different types of flora have different needs and requirements to flourish i had to learn them and plan my schedules accordingly so i could be efficient while gardening while also providing whatever the plants needed.

L5 – Showing perseverance: I had to show perseverance here since Gardening is a task that you can’t just leave midway without consequences, the plants would die the garden would be unmaintained and look bad and so i had to commit to the process once i started there was no turning back.

L6 – Global Engagement: This experience catered to global engagement because it was a tiny step towards the sustainable development goals, in particular life on land and climate action, my task was small but on a large scale the skills i learned could be used to prove so much to our ecosystem globally.

In conclusion my practice and application of the skills catered to the activity and service section of CAS and gave me the opportunity to try gardening which was something i had been wanting to try for a while.

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