Improving at football

Improving at football

Football was a sport I was extremely passionate about and used to play the sport almost every day but while I shifted to a different state I moved on to different sports which were more fondly played in the new place and during the lockdown I missed playing football while I tripped upon my old football and realized to take up playing football again but soon enough I realized my skill had gotten a little rusty and I needed to put in some hours to get better at the sport and to also learn some new skills and tricks and be better at the sport


Football is a sport that is set to play in different positions and while I am used to playing as a goalkeeper I have recently grown fond of the striker position while I try my best my aim was a huge weakness and the goal of the activity was to mainly improve accuracy and try to aim for the goal and get consistent and accurate. Understanding the weakness at the beginning stages helped me set a goal and a challenge for the rest of the time period as the goal was more clear and I was able to take specific courses to develop in the right areas.


Football is a group sport and while the sport requires 2 teams each team has a strategy and due to the gameplay much experience can be gained but the challenge faced was covid as all the grounds were closed and due to the lockdown I was not able to play with my team and take more valuable experience from a team match but still I was able to meet a few friends who were safe and tested and with precautions I was able to play and get some feedback.


To get time for practice I had to make a timetable to keep a balance and to get a good amount of time so that I could practice well the timetable made it easy to organize events and the activity timeline and hours spent on the activity 


Football is a game that takes constant practice and time in order to get good at or learn something and commitment was not always easy due to other personal agendas or priorities such as assignments but as football is something that excites me I was automatically excited about it and I was easily able to commit to it as it also made me refreshed and feel good.


Teamwork is important in football as its a team sport which can be only won by coordination between a team It was important to work in a team as it gave an opportunity to experience practice in a more authentic way and with the help of the team there was also positive feedback which helped me and everyone around me to learn and grown and be better at the sport 

In the end, football taught me better about teamwork and it also helped me become active again it is a healthy activity that has helped me grow and helped me become balanced and reflective as I had to be balanced between my academics and sports and also reflective as it helps me solve my mistakes from previous matches and get better.

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