Debate and Current Affairs Club (Service, Creativity)

To keep up with the current affairs of the world and discuss the implications of global actions. Also, we will explore and evaluate different perspectives on issues of global and local significance, being open minded in the process.

L1- I had strengths in debating and since it is my career choice i decided it could use improvement and the Debate Club was the perfect oppurtunity for me to grow as a debater and improve my skills for future application of them.

L2- Starting the club in the middle of the COVID – 19 Pandemic was a challenge but me and my group of co- leaders with communication and collaboration made it happen

L3- The entire project was organised by me and other co founders alike me.

L4- The Debate club required constant participation throughout 2 years and without letting go of my commitment and i had to stay focused to make that happen but it was easier since i enjoy debating.

L5- The Debate Club would not have been possible without collaboration and communication as everyone had their own roles that kept changing and the entire process operated smoothly

L6-We engaged with issues of global significance by trying to chose relevant and contemporary debates and global political issues to debate on, we then published our findings and conclusions on the schools unofficial magazine

L7- There were alot of decisions to be made regarding the debate clubs future and even the topics that we should debate on that required tough choices and sometimes choices had to be made with ethical concerns in mind such as what we can post on the net without influencing people in the wrong way.

In conclusion the Debate Club was a huge part of my CAS experience with so many hours dedicated to it it was both enjoyable and taught me alot.

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