Learning Football | Activity

I have been a football fan for the past 6 years now and have loved the game in all its aspects, I tried playing the game when i was younger but to no avail and stopped working on my fitness however for the last year i have been wanting to work on my fitness again and considering the fact that i love the game of football and it tends to be a well rounded physical game i decided to start going to classes (camp) and learn about the game at the same time.

L1 – Strength and Growth: I feel like i used my strengths here as i already knew a lot about the sport so it didn’t take long for me to get started after which it was only a matter of time before consistent practice started paying off and my ability and level of fitness started to grow.

L2 – Challenge and skills: I faced a lot of challenges in this process the biggest of which was my task of improving my stamina which was lower than all my other physical attributes and even my ability with the ball needed to improve which was shaky however with time i started to work on these and improved it to a much higher level.

L4 – Showing perseverance: there were many days where the training would cause pain or body aches but i had committed to the process and i would not give up so regardless of how tough it was and how many obstacles came by i showed perseverance throughout and made sure i don’t fail in any of my tasks and make the most of this experience.

In conclusion football allowed me to be more athletic and in the end it also accomplished the Activity strand in CAS, it made me love the game even more and helped me raise my fitness levels.

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