Learner Portfolio – AOE2 & TOK Reflection

Does having a different worldview from that of an author create an obstacle in understanding their text? Having a different worldview from the author when analysing their texts can lead to a much greater and deeper understanding of their text, as not being confined to the author’s worldview allows the reader to perceive and scrutinise […]

CAS Reflection – Computer Science Club

Description:To enhance my coding and programming skills, I joined the Computer Science club, wherein I collaborated with like-minded DP students to undertake group projects like hackathons and fun projects on various programming languages. I also wrote articles on my strong areas to help other people learn coding effectively. Learning Outcomes: I identified various strengths and […]

CAS Reflection – Illumination Inc

Description: Me and three fellow Grade 11 students (Aahan Patel, Nidhi Grover, and Samiksha Bagadia) started a club called ‘Illumination Inc’, wherein we provide MYP students with practice and revision of different concepts in different subjects in order to help them prepare for the MYP eAssessment. I used collaboration skills and communication skills in helping […]

CAS Experience – Matlab Course

Description I have always been very fond of mathematics and programming, and was looking for ways to integrate them; During this exploration, I came across a numerical computing language called Matlab, and decided to explore it further in depth, and look at its applications in fields like Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks. Hence, my […]

The Layman’s Guide To Bell’s Palsy: Everything You Need To Know

Overview: Bell’s Palsy is a neurological disorder that causes disruptions in the functioning of the facial nerve, causing weakness, headaches, loss of sensitivity, and facial paralysis. It generally affects only one side of the face. It is triggered by the inflammation of, or trauma to the 7th Cranial nerve. Though the exact cause is unknown, […]