CAS Reflection – Debate and Current Affairs CLUB (DACAC)

Me and some of my fellow G12 students founded and are coleading a club where we plan, organise, and execute regular debates on topics of local and global significance, as well as discussions of current affairs. We are all co-leaders, and pairs take up the responsibility to facilitate the session. I have an interest in […]

CAS Reflection – The Corridors (School Newspaper Club)

I collaborated with the school newspaper club (The Corridors) to write a few articles every month on varied topics, such as global affairs, study tips, etcetera, since I am interested in writing on varied topics, and through this, I developed and worked on my writing skills. Learning Outcomes: LO 1: Identify their own strengths and […]

Learner Portfolio – AOE2 & TOK Reflection

Does having a different worldview from that of an author create an obstacle in understanding their text? Having a different worldview from the author when analysing their texts can lead to a much greater and deeper understanding of their text, as not being confined to the author’s worldview allows the reader to perceive and scrutinise […]

CAS Reflection – Computer Science Club

Description:To enhance my coding and programming skills, I joined the Computer Science club, wherein I collaborated with like-minded DP students to undertake group projects like hackathons and fun projects on various programming languages. I also wrote articles on my strong areas to help other people learn coding effectively. Learning Outcomes: L1. Identify own strengths and […]

CAS Reflection – Illumination Inc

Description: Me and three fellow Grade 11 students (Aahan Patel, Nidhi Grover, and Samiksha Bagadia) started a club called ‘Illumination Inc’, wherein we provide MYP students with practice and revision of different concepts in different subjects in order to help them prepare for the MYP eAssessment. I used collaboration skills and communication skills in helping […]