BM Club:- CAS

Business club is a club for people who are interested in business and want to extend their knowledge for the same. It is a platform to learn and share different business ideas/concepts. The sole purpose  of this club was to give curious students exposure to the corporate world.

The LO which I demonstrated are LO1, LO2 and LO5

LO1- Opting for business management as an IBDP subject helped me realise my passion for business. The strength which I was able to identify durning the club was that I was able to communicate with my peers fluently and was confident while doing that. The club allowed me to open up a lot more to learn and enhance different types of skills. 

LO2 – The most challenging part of joining the club was the time. The club was introduced to us at the time of the lockdown due to which we were not able to meet the members of the club physically which somewhere down the line affected our learning/discussions. Although every discussion in the club was truthful there were also  some arguments which did not make any sense and wasted our time. Overcoming challenges has helped me to develop my overall personality. 

LO5- I’ve always been a team player, which makes working collaboratively and learning collaboratively easier for me. The club was a great opportunity to develop a lot of different skills but foremost it helped me to sharpen my collaboration skills. The club has also helped me to develop one of the Important skills and learner profiles which is communication. Working collaboratively and communication skill is very important and needed in scenarios like these, because the productivity of sessions depends upon how much time we invest in useful discussions.


Joining the business club was one of the greatest moves I did. The club has helped me to see business in another perspective which I could never even think of  and it  has also opened the door for me to think differently through different perspectives.. The most interesting part of the club was the guest lectures we had on e-commerce and about the views on the corporate world. These sessions really helped me know more about the corporate world.  


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