Teaching self-defense:- CAS

As time is passing the world is growing and so it is getting more dangerous to live. Self-defense is one of the major factors in today’s time which ensures you some safety in the growing and dangerous world. Today I can say that Self-defence was one of my favorite and the most helpful things that I have learned. It helps me to stay safe in a different situation and one of the other major factors is that self-defense gives me psychological support. One day I just thought, why don’t I teach self-defense to other people who are interested in learning self-defense and so I took a step ahead and started to teach my few friends self-defense. (started teaching self-defense on a very small scale)

The LO which I demonstrated are LO1, LO2, LO4, and LO6

LO1- I have always been good at stuff like self-defense. Due to this, I had a high level of confidence in myself which helped me to teach others self-defense without overthinking it. The other strength I had was that due to practicing these techniques for a lot of time over the years I do have a  mastery of the techniques which helped me to teach my friends self-defense easily. Teaching also got easier as due to the experience I was able to help them avoid minor mistakes which I did while learning. 

LO2:- The challenge which I faced while teaching self-defense was a plan. The plan is one of the most important things while teaching self-defense as without a plan you will be confused and you will not be able to give your 100% input. Making a plan was a hard job to do as I had to divide the techniques into different parts and levels and also choosing which techniques to teach was difficult to choose. However, I divide the techniques which I know into two broad categories which are easy techniques and hard techniques. This helped me to clearly understand which techniques I needed to teach.

LO4:- Before teaching self-defense techniques I thought of not teaching them and changing my decision of teaching as I thought that it will never help me in my life ahead and I also thought that the outcome will not help me on a personal level, but then I thought that sharing my knowledge to others and teaching them self defense will help me somewhere down the line in my life. I also thought why don’t I empower other people around me and make a small change in the world and their life too, making them feel more strong and safe.

LO6:- Teaching self-defense could be connected to the global issue of good health and wellbeing, as while I was teaching self-defense the people who I was teaching self-defense had improved both their mental and physical health and this will help them in their life. 

The learner profile which I developed while teaching self-defense was communication skills as I had to communicate with other people and I had to clearly communicate with them to ensure that they understood the technique properly.

To conclude, teaching self-defense was a great experience where I learned a lot of new things and also developed new skills. It was an experience that I will never forget in my life and I would seek more opportunities in my life to do something like this again.


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