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Hey! I’m Prisha Tak, a fun-loving and cheerful person currently studying in Grade 12, in Fountainhead School. I live in Surat, India. I’m gonna consider this as an outlet to express myself like I’ve never before to a stranger or anyone I’m not close with; so consider yourself (anyone reading this) lucky!

I like to believe that I’m talented at figuring people out and also understanding them through their body language and micro expressions. This is an extremely rare talent/skill (which I can’t figure is a blessing or a curse; albeit I’m still very proud of it) which I desperately hope would have been very common for the sake of peace and understanding among us humans! I’m a great communicator but at the same an excellent listener. You want to tell me your story? Go right ahead, I’m all ears! Which brings me to one of my beloved interests, getting to know people and listening to their stories. I love to learn about people, their life journeys, their aspirations, their vulnerabilities, basically any and everything they’d want to tell me. One thing worth noting here is that I believe myself to be highly trustworthy and people can confide me; they can tell me the most embarrassing things they have done, thought of and I still won’t judge them or make them feel worse about themselves, in fact I’ll try and make them see the normality in it. I am an empath by nature which helps too. And I am almost always keen on helping people out in any way I can. I have an innate talent – enhanced by practice too – for singing, dancing, and acting. And I immensely enjoy almost all the sports.

I love arts, either through being a creator myself or appreciating it as a spectator. I also love interacting with people, nature, my surroundings and basically being connected with what’s around me. Trying out new things is something I immensely enjoy and indulge in. I like to experience new things and see for myself if it suits my taste and liking. One of the things I love and appreciate about myself is that I am usually interested in everything I try out and I’m almost always clear as to what I want and enjoy doing.

One thing I really hope to achieve is having musical talent. I had, in the past, tried out many instruments but couldn’t continue to practice or enhance my skills in them. If I could, I would definitely love to learn to play at least 2-3 musical instruments such as guitar, drums, piano/keyboard; that’d make me happy and content. I want to be involved in supporting and helping people as much as I can.

I believe in kindness, in being a decent human, people nowadays stray away from being decent human beings and that truly saddens me. I also believe in being true to oneself which I practice myself. And through personal motivation and external influence (of exceptionally amazing people!) I believe in truly and purely loving oneself, it is an exceptionally awesome feeling. However, it is hard to achieve for some people, but I am willing to help such people around me on this path to self-love as much as I can.

Alright so, those were just a few things to describe me; I am much more than what could be expressed in words!

And here’s me…

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