Experience 4 – World Future Business Leaders [WFBL] (Creativity)

Business is everywhere, it is a part of every and any field and profession. Doctors, engineers, athletes, literally any field, especially marketing in particular can be seen everywhere and anywhere. Each and every one has to make money to make a living for themselves, and that involves – on different levels for each – the use of various tactics, strategies and marketing. Marketing helps maintain consistency of any product, company, person, etc in the minds of the general public or target audience. It is what keeps on reminding people of a thing’s existence. Having this in mind, to be much more familiar and equipped with marketing tools I chose that as my subject out of the total 4 options we had to choose between. Also I wanted to try out something new, and considered this as an opportunity to do something different and new.

LO 1 – Since this was a non-academic exam I had chosen to take part in – partly to have it as a CAS experience – I feel that it motivated me much less than any academic related test or task would have. Although, I think this has been proven wrong manier times before (for me) it’s not the academic or non-academic status of any task which motivates me or not but rather my interest level in it and what priority rank I set for it. At that point in time when we (the candidates) were supposed to be preparing for the WFBL exam I had all 3 of my projects on-going and I made them my first priority above the WFBL exam. I have noticed and realised that my intrinsic motivation for any task is both my strength and weakness. My intrinsic motivation either being a strength or weakness depends on my approach to, and interest level in a particular task or subject/topic. Also yet again, I struggled with time management and couldn’t complete reading and understanding the exam preparation material we were provided with, consequently I wasn’t well prepared and didn’t feel confident about my preparation for the exam. Realising again that I have time management issues really helped put things into perspective, I already knew that I should work on my time management skills and I do that every now and then when possible. After giving the exam, I did feel that being better prepared would have made me feel much more confident and the experience would have been more fruitful. Knowing my weakness definitely shows me the direction I should work towards in order to better myself and my performance. Same way, knowing my strengths help me choose tasks which I would be able to perform better (than others in a group setting) and well enough on my own. It helps me practice my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.

LO 2 – Managing to read the long and extensive preparation material that was shared with us challenging along with other work/tasks. Balancing my work and time management was challenging for me. I feel that I was unable to overcome the challenge I faced, but it did make me realise the importance of better preparation for any future work or test. I will try to make better use of my time and overcome my challenges in the future. Although the overall experience wasn’t that enjoyable for me, I still learned a lot and gained invaluable experience by undertaking this challenge. I feel it was still a good decision to take up this challenge, but it would’ve turned out better in much favourable situations to support my learning and experience. It’s important to undertake new challenges, it helps us grow and expand our horizon of knowledge, skills and abilities. Although, the unknown is fearful and we tend to avoid it, even me at times but without pushing our limits we can’t improve and grow. Also, doing something new is enjoyable in some cases if it aligns with your interests, yet another reason to take up a new challenge. It can help us rethink and re-categorize our likes and dislikes and also prepares us for future challenges by bringing to light our strengths and weaknesses. Having experienced something already helps us choose better and wisely in future as we then know what to do differently. I realised the crucial importance of being balanced with our tasks, which I certainly need to develop.

To conclude, I developed Learner Profile attributes such as: Knowledgeable, Inquirers, Reflective,Thinkers. And the ones I need to work one are: Balanced, Principled and an ATL Skill which is Time Management. Since this was an academic test related to Marketing (Business Management) I received help in preparation from my BM teachers. Ultimately I wasn’t very happy with the outcome of this experience (although I appreciate that it helped me realise the importance of crucial things) and hope if ever participating in a similar academic testing I could deliver upto my actual potential.


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