During the lockdown all the physical fitness activities, gyms, sports and club all were closed due to covid restrictions. This lead us to zero physical fitness sessions and activities. This was affecting both are physical and mental health. Then we though cycling daily 20-30 kms and it is a skill that almost everybody has.

Me and my family use to daily go for cycling for 1:30 minutes daily to ensure we are physically fit during lockdown.Cycling involves a lot of strength and stamina, this was my major weak point while playing any sport I was not able to play any sport more than 30 minutes, this also helped me to overcome that.

While cycling your major target is strengthening your lower body and stamina to cycle longer distances.CAS has given me this opportunity to practice this sport and strengthen my physical body. 

LO 1 : Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Before the completion of the CAS project, I had less than average stamina level and energy to play a sport for a longer time. We also did not had any physical activity to keep our immune system strong. I considered this as my weakness to work upon in this CAS project and succeeded. I looked for a lot of ways to improve my lower body and cycling seemed to be the best option to target the lower body muscle strength and increase immune level.

My advantage was I also started playing football and cricket with my cousins which increased my energy level and fitness more faster and help target achieve more faster. We used to 5-7 pm cricket at our parking area and 2-4 football at my cousins house. The area of focus was improving stamina and muscle strength to have good healthy lifestyle. The another advantage was my family also joined me to the cycling as moral support and we had a good family time together during that days.

LO 2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

As this wasn’t a completely new skill I had to learn, there were a few challenges that were faced by me during the journey. We had to start covering small distances initially and used to take a long time to reach out even small distances. We had a full family cycling together and could cover the distance only till one of players energy level run out and others would not continue then. We also used to take a long breaks in between. Some of the family members also got some injuries and muscle pain for day or two.

Another challenge was playing three sports in a day and we used to have a lot of leg pain. But, over the time we overcome it and has a fascinating journey over this cas experience. Small steps always take time to become a bigger one but these small steps together make a huge big step towards your happiness and gives you a huge satisfaction level. It also makes you feel relaxed.

LO 3 : Initiate and plan a cas experience

This was planned cas experience. As covid restrictions were there we weren’t able to play any sports and weren’t able to allowed. keeping the sustainable development goal No : 3 Good health and wellbeing in mind and target to achieve strong energy level or immune system we planned this activity. We planned all the distances to be covered daily and worked everyday on the weakness of last journey, created all the plans according to that. We also find out average time and distance that should be covered by person to have stable and healthy lifestyle and planned the routine according to it.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Ensuring this experience to complete daily was big task. Because, of pain we sometimes took short breaks from cycling and went irregular of time table. This experience had to be required a lot of commitment and dedication as we had to make time daily at least an hour for cycling. At first, it was difficult for me to manage it along with my studies but with a proper timetable, I was able to manage my assignments, homework and physical activities as all things were online.

The another ex-factor was the covid restrictions. Due to strict lockdown for some days we weren’t able go out of society and that made our journey little boring as we had cycle round and round in our society. But, we didn’t stopped because of that and continued. The another breaker was my dad was positive and that caused us to stop cycle for 2 weeks and served a 14 day home isolation.

L0 5 : Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

The most biggest advantage of this journey was that our full family was together in cycling journey. If anyone would be injured the person could get easy help from others. We even learned how to take benefits of each ones skills and learn from each other. We also learned how to set a timetable supporting each members strength and covering each members weakness. In group while cycling we also got motivation from each other if we used to get disappointed or break out.

LO 6 : Engagement with issues of global significance

The cas activity relates to two of the sustainable development goals. Goal 3: good health and wellbeing and goal 13: Climate action. This activity recognise goal 3 as we had to maintain good healthy lifestyle, immune system and keep myself fit and this was the reason we started cycling. This activity also helps in recognizing goal 13 as we started used bicycle to travel to different places instead of my 2 wheeler which reduce my carbon footprint during lockdown. This also reduce our family’s fuel expenses and made us learn using cycle for smaller distances travelling we can save a lot of money and reduce our carbon footprint a lot. If I had to do some work of my own or help my mom in getting groceries or any other things I took my bicycle for short distances to avoid the amount of pollution I bring to the environment. 

Learner profiles achieved : Reflective due to reflecting on daily journey and analysing strengths and weakness, also working upon them. Risk taker as there were chances of injury or health attacks during cycling but we took the risk and mover ahead. Caring and principled as we need to show commitment and perseverance towards it and care for each other if someone faces anly issues.

Thus, to conclude cycling is a enjoying and good sport to keep yourself healthy. Cycling with family gives you good family time responses and ensures your family well being. This was the most fascinating journey of the time.

This was the most interesting journey to dumas beach –

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