Feeding Animals (7)


For this experience, I made sure to feed animals around my house on a regular basis, this spanned over 2-3 months or so, and in over 5-6 trips, I have fed many animals including dogs and some cows.


I found out during this time that Animals are very underrated and I have a small irrational fear against them, this realisation was a very brief experience but changed a lot about how I see animals, as I draw my expectations from movies, Which use animals to thicken the plot and create conflict (John Wick). I have since conquered my fear and am at peace when a dog walks by me, while I used to start staring at the dog going by and hoped that it won’t bite me (It never did).


It was challenging to stick to one consecutive dog, as street animals always roam around, it was never consistent how many animals I found that day / time. Food Management was also very tricky as I never knew what / how much food to bring, so I just managed with the leftovers from the house.  I got the hang of it now, and I can safely feed around  6-8 dogs / 3-4 cows each trip. It was important to learn to be comfortable with animals as they have a therapeutic and calming influence on your life.


Due to current events, there is an increasing concern about lack of food due to lockdown and closing of many stores, there are also many animals who  die daily due to starvation. Many dogs I’ve seen in the streets are always very lean with visible bones.

Because I’m aware of this problem, it has led me to feed many animals which has helped me become a more caring person in general. I felt more grave after this experience, as I saw so many animals and I just didn’t bring enough food for everyone.


It is our responsibility as humans to be caring towards all living beings, and people always just ignore the animals who roam the streets and throw leftovers in the trash instead of giving it to those animals. This made me feel angry towards those people and motivated me to take action.


I feel more caring and aware of people around me, as I realised that we take many things for granted that aren’t available to others so easily, so we should all strive for equality and change small things to achieve that goal.

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