CAS- Cycling

(A- activity)

In the midst of lockdown, when online school had become a routine, I started feeling an absence of physical activity. So I, along with some friends, started cycling every alternate morning.

LO2-challenges and skills
The challenge was physical(obviously). Cycling after such a long time, I felt as if my stamina wasn’t supporting me. However, after the second day of cycling, I became immune to the exhaustion. This challenge has definitely made me feel better because a physical activity not only helps us ‘physically’ but also mentally by releasing dopamine.

LO4- commitment and perseverance.
Cycling wasn’t temporary. It may have been this way because I wasn’t doing it alone, I had friends and we’d often call each other to make sure whether each one one of us had woken up or not. We would motivate each other by using our last stop- some place to eat food, as a bait. It wasn’t easy because waking up early needs strength.

To end, I think that cycling was the simplest and best form of physical activity, considering the situation. The highlight of the experience was definitely when we’d eat something at the end. Cycling brought a sense of accomplishment, it helped me stay fit.

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