CAS- student lead session: Business Baazigars

(C-creativity, S-service)

The first days in Fountainhead have always been enjoyable. Mainly because we don’t have to study, there are fun activities planned in every subject class. For the class of business management, we planned a presentation filled with activities. We made the class play group games that would refresh their business knowledge. 

LO3-Initiating and planning

This activity was initially meant to be done over an online platform. We had been planning for this event for weeks, and because of its delayel we got an opportunity to take it offline. Planning was harder in this part than initiating. This is because we had to put in a lot of time to decide what type of activities we’ll make them do. The activity coulndt be boring. Moreover, we also had to make sure that the presentation we made was aesthetically appealing. 

LO5- working collaboratively

This activity was in collaboration with the BM teachers. I’ve always been an open-minded person, so this wasn’t hard for me. It gave me a new experience, because working with teachers, I realised how much effort they put in to plan for a single class. Initially, the presentation that I made could be described as ‘mature’, it was very bold and serious. However, I was told respectfully that it wouldn’t be suitable for the environment we’re aiming for. This was something that I wouldn’t learn if it wasn’t with the teachers. 

To end, I developed learner profiles such as open-mindedness, communication, inquirer, risk-taker, balanced, and knowledgeable. The activity could be linked with the subject business management, because it was a part of it. The activity was definitely a success because our friends really seemed to like it- even after the class had completed we were appreciated by our friends for such an enjoyable session. However, if I were to perform this activity again, I would increase the time of our session. Because we had to cut down some activities, that where equally exciting.  

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