So today we are going to talk about the Parkison’s disease. This disease is caused by, the loss of the nerve cells in a part of a brain which controls the body’s movement. This cell dies then it loses its ability to produce a chemical called dopamine. Without dopamine, the balance is disturbed, trembling in parts of the body, slowness in movements and loses its coordination with muscles.

This disease can also be caused by environmental toxins and the acceleration of aging.


To diagnose this disease imaging tests can be done, such as MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (computed tomography), ultrasound of the brain, PET(Positron emission tomography), or a DAT scan.


This disease can affect the:

→ Autonomic Nervous System

→Dysregulation of the blood pressure

→Fainting due to low blood pressure

→Urninary (urgency, frequent)


→Sleep behavior disorder (complex movements)





Fetal tissue transplantation, this transplantation can play a significant role in the treatment of the disease. By this the patient can improve motor symptoms, it can reduce medications. But this transplantation can decrease it’s efficiency over time and can affect the body with side effects. The long-term treatment can be transplanting dopamine producing stem cells into the patient’s brain.


In my opinion, as there is no cure to this disease, having someone else’s cells and fetal tissue in someone else’s body is not ethical as is eventually having some other person’s organs. This transplantation costs a lot like, $1,000,000 -$950,000 which is not practical as the person won’t survive long and this disease is not curable even if there’s transplantation done. The psychological responses of the patient/individuals to the transplantation is life changing force in parameters of family and community, even though there’s some extension of a person’s life.

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