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Hi, I am Helly Sheth, a 17-year-old student from Fountainhead School, Surat. I’m in my final year of school and will graduate in 2022. I love reading because different stories fascinate me. I also love listening to music and am very passionate about singing, alone. To be able to express my emotions better, I have started learning the guitar, and I hope I can play fluidly soon;) I like to believe that I can perform well in leadership roles because I am not afraid to make bold points. I love playing sports and being out in nature, it makes me feel free!
One skill I would love to have but am lacking in is, art. Whether it is drawing, painting, or writing, I am not able to bring out what I wish to express and so I would love to practice more of it to learn and understand it better.

I hope when I grow up, I can pursue psychology and learn philosophy. Being able to understand the mind seems like the correct way to connect to people and help them and so I wish I can become a psychologist. I believe I will be able to help myself and understand myself better as well through it.
In today’s generation, people are having a hard time connecting with themselves and truly enjoying nature. I really hope I can help people get stronger and face their own problems and in turn, learn more!
Philosophy (mainly existentialism lol) just seems like a cool thing to learn 😉

I am not sure how I view ‘life’ yet but I hope I can go on many adventures before I die and not follow a boring routine everyday. I would love to learn more about the world and its history and how people lived and what they thought (which is why I read a lot too). I also want to meet a lot of people (in real life) and listen to their stories!

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