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Hi, I’m Vanshika Modi. I’m a 12th grader studying at Fountainhead School. I like to think that I am a gym enthusiast and a very creative person. I enjoy making art and using any medium- through which I can display my creativity (in any form). I also have a journal account, upon which I do not post regularly, but I swear it’s only because of the workload from school. Although I would still like to improve my skills in arts- especially sketching, which I do the most. I haven’t found any new interests or skills lately, but I enjoy modeling a lot. Yes, getting clicked pictures gives me butterflies, but I haven’t gotten much time to pursue it. I wish to do more of it.
I have an uncanny interest in mythology. I’ve read many mythological fictions even though I am an occasional reader. I have even applied a lot of my mythological knowledge in arts to make pieces. However, I would still like to dig deeper into this passion of mine.
Now, my standpoint in life is to work hard. It is all I can think about- considering that this is my last year. At the same time, I wish to savor every moment with my friends who I may not meet for a long time.

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