CAS Project

Vistosa festival Project : 

The Vistosa festival was organised by me and my friends. The event was like a fair which was located in soul bay farm. There were food stalls, a photo booth and a clothing stall. We actually gave a stall for rent for 2 days  to those who were interested in selling their products. The event was held on 6 and 7 of march 2021 and also we invited singers. There were around 900 visitors every day. The main purpose of the event was to raise funds for donation. The fund was then donated to Andhajan shikshan mandal. 

Learning outcome 1 :  Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

I identified my strengths and weaknesses. Cooperation and teamwork is a stepping stone to success and also my strengths which helped me to collaborate with my team members. However, I am not a responsible person. But these vistosa festivals had many responsibilities to take care of. Therefore, I have developed leadership skills during the journey. 

Learning outcome 4 : show commitment to and perseverance in cas experience 

During the process it was necessary to stay committed as it required lots of hard work, cooperation and responsibilities. Moreover, the daunting task was to convince the municipal corporation to organise the vistosa festival, finally they allowed us to organise the event only in one condition that we take special measures to prevent the virus. It was paramount to stay committed and perseverance to successfully achieve the aim of the event. 

Learning outcome 5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively. 

The Vistosia festival required cooperation and teamwork. Decision making required collaboration with the team members  as there were multiple options and diverse perspectives. Furthermore,  we also  need to cooperate with clients and visitors during the event. Working in a group is usually easy for me because I am a good listener. Moreover, teamwork enhances our knowledge and skills and leads us to its peak. 

Learning outcome 6 : demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance . 

The main purpose of this event was to donate money to Andhajan shikshan mandal school. It is a blind school. Our aim was to provide better education and special facilities in school so that specially abled students can study in school easily.  

Learning outcome 7 : recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions. 

As the event took place during the global pandemic where Covid 19 cases were at its peak. We made sure that we will adhere to the protocols and take special measures such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and sanitising hands. The SMC gave permission for only 500 to 600 guests at a time but on 7 of March there were nearly 1000 guests inside the farm which was above the maximum capacity. We immediately decided to close the gate for some time until the number bounced back to 500 to 600 people. It was fun and exciting and we successfully accomplished our aim.

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