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Hi! I am Kahan Choksi, a 17-year-old student from the Fountainhead School, Surat. I have developed quite a few hobbies that I can say I’ve become good at. For example, I love to play the guitar and I also love to play sports like football, cricket, cycling, etc. I’m also good at performing arts like Speech and Drama, I like to participate in plays, trinity exams, etc. Moreover, a recent interest I’ve developed is in reading about particle and nuclear physics and chemistry in depth. I enjoy trekking and mountaineering, which I recently took part in. I also enjoy studying natural sciences (physics and chemistry) in detail. I have begun writing out of passion, and other than writing my own songs, I’ve participated in the school newspaper as an author. About trying things I haven’t got the chance of doing yet, I would like to do sky diving, as it excites me a lot.

I sincerely want to be a part of a musical band, as it is one interest that I’m pursuing religiously. Music is an integral part of my life, and I would love to begin performing with a band commercially. On the other hand, I would also like to read more and dive deep into physics or chemistry to write a paper or just simply explore one particular topic that I’m really interested in, like “Relativity” from Physics: Option A.

My outlook on life is simple. I believe we have to be compassionate about something, set the right goals, and work with dedication to achieve our goals. As a student of the IBDP, all I can think of is my academics right now, but even in the long run, the same pattern has to be followed, of setting goals and being driven enough to achieve them.

I am deeply concerned about the situation of education in India. This is a very sensitive and prevalent issue in India which has to be worked upon, as education is the birthright of citizens and more government schools should be made, and the Indian education system should change because all students think about marks and they don’t even get the exposure to explore/investigate above the scope of their syllabus.

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