CAS Profile_Nishit Mehta

Hi! I’m Nishit Mehta, a 17-year-old student from Fountainhead School, currently studying the IBDP curriculum. Business has always been of interest to me and as a business is something that I want to do in the future, I have taken Business Management and Economics at IBDP and I am focused on it. 

Along with the subjects, sports also has always been my keen interest. I enjoy playing Cricket and Basketball and therefore I always practice and learn different skills so that it can help me improve my game.  I once read a quote and I strongly believe in it, “THERE IS NO GLORY IN PRACTICE, BUT WITHOUT PRACTICE, THERE IS NO GLORY.”  I believe that even though practice might seem to be boring, in the end it is something that will make me better and improve my skills. One problem or issue which I would really want to work upon would be to build on team working skills. As I believe in the coming future team working skills would be most essential in both corporate and personal life.

Apart from my passion for sports, I also enjoy cooking, listening to music and binge-watching TV shows and movies. Additionally I also like to travel and as I am a foodie, I have a dream to try out all the different cuisines around the world. 

I am always curious to learn about new and interesting things and also I want to become more interactive and outspoken and I have struggled with it, CAS has given me the opportunity to overcome this obstacle and become more confident. It has given me the motivation to continue helping people and animals.  

Lastly, CAS experiences have helped me a lot to focus on what interests me and it has helped me to engage more with social work. It has also enabled me to develop certain new skills which would be helpful to me in the coming future. 

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