CAS Profile Rishika Jain

Hi! I’m Rishika Jain, I am 17 years old currently studying in the 12th grade at Fountainhead school under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. I am really fond of Visual Arts it has been my passion for a long time, I love painting, drawing and sketching. I would like to consider my speed to draw or paint anything as my talent, which I myself is very amused of.
I occasionally like playing sport, which either includes basketball or tennis. Other than what I like I would love to try learning different music instruments like piano, guitar and drums and would also love to try new adventure ( really want to try skydiving) or even food sometimes.
In my spare time that I get I usually draw or if not that just listen to music alone or scroll through my phone.
As for my career, for the past few years it was always been designing, because design is where I can turn my creativity and thoughts into products or objects. I always believed that design is my chance to turn my artwork into products or turn into reality. I still am a little confused on which design I should pick, because I want to first try designing as a whole and then decide but as for now it is just designing
One skill that I would like to develop would be to be more confident when communicating, it is something that I will work on and have been working on.
I believe in smart work rather than hard word, this is something that I have used throughout my life till now, it is something I just keep reminding myself during any problem or any situation I face. Other than this I also do believe to live in the moment, rather than wasting thinking about the future.

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