CAS Profile – Ved Dhola

Hello! I am Ved Dhola, a 17-year student from Fountainhead School, Surat. I am an intellectual reader and a very active person in sports. I am encouraged in taking part in any social activities. Reading books and magazines is something which I look up to doing in my spare time. I enjoy reading because it gives me immense and knowledge and so much to learn. I am also very much indulged in looking up space and business strategies. I like to do research on sustainability and the usability of rockets for space. For my future, I have not pretty much decided but I am also very much inclined towards technology so I would approach any business which includes a large part of technological terms. One main part which I will like to improve upon is programming and coding. As machines work on programs and codes it will be very beneficial for me to learn to program.

I also like listening to music. Learning guitar is something that I am willing to do for a long time but I am not able to get sufficient time to learn the same. The other thing which I am very much interested in learning is to learn to code about Artificial intelligence and machine learning as I think that there is a much broader scope in that field and might become a great opportunity for people in the near future.

The qualities which I tend to reflect in my personality are caring, honest, compassion, responsible, creativity, leadership, and empathy.

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