service. feeding people/ Rotaract club

For my cas service experience, I decided to join the rotaract club. A rotaract club is run by children of rotary club members. My parents too, are part of a rotary club. The rotary club is 15204 from the district 3060. For the duration of time I was with the rotaract club, we worked on feeding poor people. I continued the experience for a month. I still occasionally go on some weekends with the club for service outside CAS. Initially I was reluctant to join the rotaract club as I was getting out of my comfort zone, however as time passed, I was comfortable with fellow rotaracts.

L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

By working with the rotaract team, I was able to achieve catering to more people in need in less time as well as learn new things from each other not only through service but also while having small talk. All rotracts are of similar age with the age difference not being more than 5-7 years. So we were able to bond fast enough. We were also able to contribute more money by getting some money from every one of us. I also learnt about service to society from rotaractors (adults). The learning experience from adults was greater.

L6. Engagement with issues of global significance

SDG 2: Zero hunger. To achieve this SDG, we must achieve greater things like food security , zero food waste and efficient farming, but to start working towards the SDG, we must take small steps as a collective. A place where I can think of starting is to donate food.


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