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Hi! I’m Diya Goyal currently studying in 12th grade at fountainhead school. I enjoy cooking, watching tv shows, listening to music, and traveling. I am an inquisitive person meaning I am very curious to learn new and different topics. I like being around animals, especially dogs. I believe I am good at making decisions and working collaboratively, taking things in a positive manner, working on feedback, etc.

Though I am aware that I need to polish a lot of skills. I’m like a diary to some people with whom they share everything they are going through without the fear of being judged or letting anyone else know about it. I believe that everyone is perfect in their way, it’s just the way you look at things and how you accept them.

I would like to be involved in more social service acts that could bring positive changes to our society. I plan to have my career in the culinary industry where I could combine all my interests and learn about different cultures through their traditional food. The willingness to learn new things showcases how accepting and adaptive I am which helps me stay positive at the most.

Yeah, so that was a little into me that I wanted to share …..

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