CAS Personal Profile

Hi! I’m Luv Patel, a 17 year old student from Fountainhead School, Surat. I am somewhat of an athletic person as I like to play different sports like Frisbee,volleyball and badminton and I prefer to play sports over working out. I am also very interested in cooking and like to cook something new whenever I can. I would like to improve my skills in presentation and my time-management . I would like to be more involved in activities that revolve around service based activities like beach cleaning and other activities based around service. I am very interested in the sport tennis and i wish to start learning the sport and improve in it as i continue to play more tennis with my friends. 

Because of the pandemic there are some challenges that I might face like not being able to  commute to places that I would need to visit for me to be able to complete my CAS experience. For my CAS I wish to be able to work on experiences that would require me to do activities out of school like tennis which is a sport that cannot be played when in school as my school does not have the necessary facilities like a tennis court.

There is also something that i wish to do for my CAS experience which is to learn ice skating or snowboarding but it illogical to think that would be possible as for once i would have to go to a place where that would be possible to do so and the amount of time is available in IBDP will not suffice for me to be go to a place and learn ice skating or snowboarding as an experience. It is very unlikely that I will be able to do something like this for my activities so I hope I am able to achieve this goal in the future.

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