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Hello, I’m Dayaan Jain from Surat, Gujarat, India. I am 17 years old, currently doing my IBDP at Fountainhead school, and graduating in 2022. I have many different hobbies and passions, like playing and learning different sports, traveling, and creating robotics projects. I’m quite great at baking and cooking, I have made a variety of food items like Pizzas, Burgers, and desserts, as well as flavourful drinks. I also experiment with different ingredients to create bizarre food items that almost every time turn out great. The activity that I enjoy the most is learning and creating different models and robotic projects, I have worked on different projects, quite succeeding in most of the projects, while I have also failed in some, despite that I always look forward to improving myself and avoiding the same mistakes. I want to get myself involved in more community service and social activities, while I have involved myself in helping people through donations, I also want to help in more environmental projects, such as beach cleaning, planting trees, taking out trash from the ocean, etc. I just wish from life that I always learn something new, learning must never stop, we can never have all the knowledge from the world, and there is always a scope of discovering something new, and even if I fail or succeed at any point in life, I must learn from it and move forward. 

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