Learning Bass Guitar (Creativity)

I was always intrigued by the bass and even attempted to recreate bass like sounds on a guitar but could never do it exactly and recently i decided to try and finally commit and learn this intrument. With commitment i sold some of my old things and bought a new beginners bass guitar and started practice on it and my parents were hesitant knowing ive taken up and left intruments before but i should perseverance and saw it through and have started learning bass.

L1 – Strengths and Growths: I have always been an admirer of the bass as an instrument as i always thought it provided something very unique to a song and in some songs the bass was also used as a punchline, I grew a lot in my musical ability and i used my knowledge of the proper songs to learn as a strength.

L2 – Challenge and Skills: I faced many challenges in this process from almost giving up because of making no progress or getting demoralised and even technical problems such as not having the proper equipment but i found the solutions i needed to learn the intrument.

L4 – Commitment and perseverance: The process of learning an instrument requires sheer commitment and without it its impossible to be succesful. through each step of learning the bass there was a point where i felt dissapointed with my results but i persevered and kept practicing to overcome the problems eventually.

In conclusion this process allowed me to explore into the world of music and follow my passion of playing an instrument and finally allowed me to try my hand at an instrument ive been wanted to try for a long time.

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