Learning how to shoot a basketball (Activity)

I have been a basketball fan for a few months now and shooting being an integral part of the game i was interested in learning it. I had little to no experience in the sport however due to a leg injury i was forced to give up my primary sport temporarily which was football and to keep myself fit i decided to practice basketball

L1- I had little to no experience in basketball but i knew i could pick up skills easily and that led to me practicing basketball and i had to grow in my physical abilities as i had low arm strength and power coordination in my arms which i had to improve.

L2- After suffering a leg injury getting back to sports was a challenge but i faced it head on and practiced as much as i could among my busy schedule and in the process of doing so i learned many new skills and periodically improved my shooting.

L4- Learning a new sport is not easy and by any means i have not gained mastery in any aspects but i still had to show commitment and perseverance to get to the level i am at which i believe is better than an average civillian.

In conclusion my journey to learn basketball as an alternative sport to mantain my fitness and learn a new skill was succesful.

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