CAS #1: Creating a model in Blender

I have created a 3D Model of a character from the Japanese Show, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, that character being Yoshikage Kira.


I am not good at drawing, but i am good at controlling and understanding the many functions in the computer program Blender. My learning outcomes were:

  • I got better at digital sculpting
  • I learned technical terms



I am very bad at drawing, and cannot keep steady or determine the proportions of characters. Nevertheless, I tried my best to replicate his face.

Proof of working:

Krish Kakadiya, G11 Profundity

One thought on “CAS #1: Creating a model in Blender

  1. Write in detail.
    LO1-How did you feel after doing this task or were you able to work on your weakness? How will this strength help you in your life in the future?
    LO 2-How does taking challenge helped you, what new skills were developed, or did you improved any skill?

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