CAS Experience #3: creating a landscape animation in Blender

For my third CAS Creativty Experience, I have created a surreal landscape and animated it using waves and distortion in Blender.

I have gone through many tutorials to learn how to create this effect, and ultimately i have created my own animation.

Learning outcome 1:

I have learned to create stunning effects in graphics engine Blender, and also learnt how to animate those effects, such as waves, deforming, 3D noise, and area lighting.

Here is the final product (resolution is low because rendering takes too_much_time):

This could be considered my high effort project so far, as the other two were shorter than this.

LO2: The challenges i faced were that this program was still new to me, and the amount of positioning of object was high, and I had to manually place the 3D objects at the correct place, as well as adjust lighting. This allowed me to develop a new skill.

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