Drawing (creativity)

Drawing is a form of art which helps to express yourself, experience , emotions etc., for me it has always been a way to express my thoughts and imagination, since my childhood I have always been drawing and bringing out my imagination but nowadays I have stopped drawing, so now I have decided to start drawing one again. This experience caters to creativity strand of CAS since it helped me explore and extend my ideas and show it on a paper or in the form of a product.

LO 1 : Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I identify drawing as a strength of mine because it allows me to show my creativity and bring my ideas and imagination on a paper, but I had stopped drawing and now since I have started to draw again I need o =to improve my skills. I feel like now I have and area to grow in something that I love to do and know for a fact that if I am to improve my skills i will benefit me by improving the quality of my drawings and portray my imagination better. It is important for us to know our strength and weakness because it allows us to know ourselves better and improve overall, if we know our strength then we can make it stronger and if we know our weakness we can work upon them and decrease them. I would definitely work upon this weakness of mine because if I amble to improve my skills then I will be better at portraying my imagination through drawing.

LO 2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

The challenging part was to draws something other than the characters which I normally draw, something like scenery, it was challenging because I don’t draw background and scenery etc, I only draw characters and it was the first time that I drew and illusionary scenery, I overcame this challenge by watching videos on youtube and drawing accordingly. If I did not overcome it then I would be stuck at a point where I can only draw characters and nothing more, and to make it different next time I can maybe try to draw something which incorporates both a scenery and characters. Now I feel like I have not only limited myself, I am able to draw more and it is important to take new challenges because they help you grow more and also improve on your weakness.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

The difficulty I had to face which made it necessary to make a commitment and have perseverance was that nowadays I need to focus more on my studies instead of my hobbies, so less time was given to it. The commitment required to complete this activity was to give a fixed amount of my time weekly to drawing, this helped me spending my time in a balanced way. It is no easy for me to commit to things because once I start doing things regularly I start losing interest in them after a long time, but it is still important to have commitment and perseverance because it helps you achieve that goal which you want to but want to give up on.

Conclusion : This CAS experience helped me developed the LPs inquirer, thinker, open minded and reflective, I reflected on my previous drawing which made me inquire how can I improve them, being a thinker helped me think of different things and ideas of what I can draw and I was open to different ideas and reflections I got from others. The highlight of this experience was that I was able to spend time for my hobby which I was not doing anymore, I started to enjoy drawing again. It brought a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment to me because I had stopped drawing for a long time since I needed to give my time to other things but this allowed me to come back to drawing and enjoy it once again and bring my imagination on paper.

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