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Being an athlete, fitness is of utmost importance to me and during school I regularly indulged in all sorts of physical activities to make sure I stay in shape. However during the pandemic, due to the lack of motivation, guidance and the limited variety of possible activities, I experienced discontinuity in my fitness. Therefore, to compensate for this lost physique I decided to do crossfit body weight training. The goal was to remain physically fit and sustain that level of fitness through body weight exercises. This activity was performed everyday, except sundays, for 2 consecutive months to obtain the desired results. 

Learning objective 1:

It allowed me to literally identify my physical weaknesses and work on them to have a balanced and strengthened body. I had the right guidance I needed to help me identify my well built muscle groups and the weaker ones. Then I learnt a series of exercises I could do to target these muscle groups and strengthen them. Through these 2 months I learned several body weight exercises that I can now do myself without supervision which I believe will help me sustain my physique without dedicated equipment and irrespective of the circumstances. 

Learning objective 2 & 4:

The biggest challenges of taking up this activity was getting myself to go out to the gym everyday. When doing high intensity physical exercises on a daily basis, the body slowly starts to fatigue and aches all over. Coming home from the gym everyday, I always felt weak and some days I could barely walk due to the sore and aching muscles. It was very difficult to commit to this activity because the pain would never stop and the soreness lingerened from one day to another. The only day I could relax was on Sundays and to gather the courage to go back to the gym on Monday was very difficult. Even though it was difficult, I very well understood the fact that without perseverance, It would be near impossible to get the desired results in the given amount of time. 

In summary, this activity helped me become a more balanced individual by acknowledging the importance of physical fitness and in order to achieve a greater wellbeing. I did this activity with one of my friends which kept both of us motivated, entertained and benefited both of us. What was meant to be a 2 month activity, will now enable me to sustain my physique at home by myself because I learnt a variety of exercises for dedicated muscle groups and the right form for these exercises. 

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