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For my second CAS activity, I attended an online first aid course. The name of the course was “Basic Online first aid” and it was offered by The course contained four different modules named, Introduction to First Aid, The Unconscious Victim, Bleeding & Shock and Burns & Scalds. Learning about first aid not only helps you take preventative measures or required actions during any medical emergency but also it can help save someone else’s life. My goal was to learn about these measures and if the need arises, be prepared to do the needful. 

Reflection of Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1 (Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth)

From childhood, I have learned various first aid measures through personal experiences and observations. My strength in this activity was the knowledge I already have about Basic Fractures, Sprains and Bruises. My weakness was the knowledge about other medical emergencies that I don’t know about due to lack of any personal incidence such as checking pulse of unconscious person, giving CPR or treating second or third degree burns. Because of this self analysis I am able to understand where I need to dedicate my time and attention the most. I have significantly polished my understanding of things I already knew and gained a bunch of new knowledge about several other treatments and measures we can take during medical emergencies. 

Learning Outcome 2 (Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process)

There were several challenges I faced while attending the course. Firstly, the vocabulary. Although the course was for beginners, there were various scientific and equipment terms which I didn’t understand. I had to constantly search the meaning online and then make sense of the information. Secondly, memorizing information about something you don’t have any background in, takes time and effort. In order to get a certificate I had to pass a quiz for each module. I had to memorize all of the information given in each chapter using strategies like acronym, abbreviations and visualisation. Thirdly, it was difficult to make time for this course as it was pretty lengthy. As an IBDP student I had a load of assignments, homework and notes to complete and managing my time to do the course was difficult. I had to make a timetable to divide the contents of the course throughout the span of 2 weeks. 

Learning Outcome 4 (Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences)

Commitment and Perseverance are highly important to participate and pass in any course. They are important because they are our key to be focused and efficient while completing. As I mentioned before, the course was very lengthy and at times it was difficult to keep up with the dedicated chapters (according to timetable) due to other school work. Dedication to one thing is not my specialty especially if it’s monotonous. I often have a hard time doing such activities. Manier times throughout the course, I procrastinated one or two chapters on a busy day and tried to complete them during the weekend. Completing the course gave me the sense of accomplishment of my self-management skills. Showcasing commitment and perseverance to this course has made me more confident to commit myself to tedious long term activities which I don’t like such as reading non-fiction books or SAT practice. 

Learning Outcome 6 (Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance)

The awareness about basic first aid is something everyone should know about. Most injuries can be stopped from getting serious by taking quick actions. The knowledge of these activities can prevent more damage or even deaths. According to research by the University of Manchester and Red Cross, over half (59%) of deaths by injury and pre-hospital deaths could be prevented if the public knew first aid. 

“In situations where first aid could help save a life we don’t have to feel helpless, because learning life-saving skills is so simple. That’s why it’s so concerning that fewer than one in five of us knows even basic first aid. This has got to change if we are to stop up to 140,000 lives from being needlessly lost each year.” – St. John Ambulance Association.

By taking this course, I am fulfilling my part as a responsible citizen. Also I am asking people in my surroundings to do the same. I am contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Wellbeing, through both self-awareness and inspiring others to do the same. 

Final Take-Away:

In this CAS experience, I have demonstrated several IB learner profiles.

I have become more knowledgeable about first aid treatments and techniques. In this way, I have become more responsible and caring to the people near me. In order to complete this course effectively and efficiently, I had to balance my time with academics and personal tasks. In my opinion, knowing about these basic techniques is a social responsibility. This course is there in accordance to my morals and values and therefore they have made a more principled person. 

I think the course was a little tedious and time taking but also highly important. I can connect some of the learning from my course to IBDP subject Biology. This is because the course always explained the scientific reasoning of any injury and method. For example, an unconscious person is in danger even if he/she is breathing. We need to change the position of the person by raising their chin. The reason behind this is that the tongue can block the air pathway which can hinder the oxygen supply causing various other problems. 

I achieved success in this course as I passed the quiz in all of the modules with almost perfect scores. Passing this course has not only boosted my confidence for other online courses but also given me a great sense of satisfaction. Knowing that I can save my or other’s life when required helps me relax more. It provides security and reassurance to me. There is nothing I would change while doing this course again. In fact, now that I am aware about these basic measures, I am curious to check out online courses on advanced first aid and also an offline course for more practical understanding. I wish to contribute to the society further by asking you, the reader, to participate in an online/offline first aid course and fulfill your role in creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone. 


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