Initially, I took some benchmark tests that allowed me to know my current level of fitness. After I became aware of my weaknesses, I thoroughly worked on them. Initially, I was able to jump only 75 cms and after 3 months of training, I can now do box jumps of 98cms. I am an ultimate frisbee player and increasing my jump would help me perform better on the field.

I made a timetable, where I worked out thrice a week. Out of that, since my lower body was weaker, I worked on my lower body, twice a week. I am usually an organized person once I make up my mind. Initially, my body ached a lot hence I was hesitant before going to the gym. Gradually I got a hold of it and was able to improve my performance.

LO4: Commitment and perseverance were vital while working out. Initially, I found working out challenging, but with perseverance, I was slowly and gradually able to strengthen my body. I feel that it is easy for me to commit to things when I do the activity voluntarily.

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