After school going online, I didn’t have any physical activity, but then I thought of starting cycling with my friends and sometimes alone which will help me stay healthy and fit. Cycling is a fun loving activity where at the same time you can enjoy and roam around your areas, and get to know more about the in and outs of your city. Cycling was fun for me and through this activity I basically aimed to cover 10km per day at least cycling and I am very proud that I did more cycling that 10km per day on average over the duration of 2 months.

Learning Outcomes:

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Not as my strength but cycling has always been something I am fond of, not so good but still I love to cycle now and then whenever Iḿ free so I know that I have passion for cycling so I will be able to satisfy my goals set, just the main problem would be I am lazy and taking time for cycling was going to be too difficult for me. Knowing this I knew that I had to set my schedule in such a way that I get daily time to cycle and even keep my mind focused as to not allow my laziness as in to not let me achieve my goal. Working on my weakness which were basically laziness and time management issues, I guess developing them would help me overall in all my assignments.

LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Cycling daily 10km an hour was a big challenge for me, as I am not a person who regularly plays or I am a lot into sports, so this target for me was very big to achieve. I have taken many challenges in the past, but I don’t think they were as tough as this was going to be for me. The main logic behind me overcoming this challenge was that I had to stay focused and not even miss a day as cycling as that would disrupt my progress, and even distract me into doing other activities. So I maintained my focus and I was able to achieve this goal definitely at the dnd. Undertaking this challenge has raised my bar or quota for taking on bigger challenges than this, and knowing that I have cycled approx 800km in these 2 months feels as a relief to me and makes me feel proud of myself that I can achieve anything I want. Learning this skill has made me proud, and that’s what is the importance of learning new skills is that not only it raises you work or creativity level it raises your self esteem which helps you do more tasks like this.

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Daily giving out 1 hour for cycling and then recovering or gaining back energy from all the cycling activities done consumed a lot of time. THat was the challenge, and dedicating Sundays and Saturdays which are weekends, made it boring to cycle not only due to them being holidays but these days have so much traffic on road, that cycling turns out to be a worse experience. Showing commitment to this activity was really important for me as I being a lazy person and I take a big break from cycling, I am like bored, so I need to be in this constant activation mode until I get the task done so I tried my best to focus time, but still each month I missed about 3-4 trips due to studies or some outings or 1 or 2 times I did not want to. Knowing now that I have committed almost 60 hours of cycling in these 2 months is a big achievement for me and I feel proud to have completed this challenge.

Final Takeaways:

The skills and the learner profile I have developed from this activity is mainly time management and focus, as after committing time for cycling I have really understood the value of these 2 skills, and I have started getting better at these 2 skills, which has really helped me not only in completing this task, but also in my daily life to be proactive and to my other tasks. The activity has a brought a sense of relief in me after I knew that I had completed it and even made myself proud of the fact that if you have the determinations the worst or the toughest of the goals are not that hard to achieve, and that is going to be motto in real life as well from now on.


January cycling progress
February Cycling Progress
Me riding with some of my building mates
Me riding alone

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