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LO 2

As far as I remember I hate mud. However I learned to accept getting my hands dirty, after all I could wash them later. Another challenge for me was overwatering the plants at a greater frequency (than required). A batch of my microgreens got ruined due to it. A few days in and I learned that I was supposed to water them every alternate day or less.

LO 3

I planned to grow a few microgreens and then take overall care of the rest of the plants which already existed at my home. It was winter and spring for jan-march. So I planned some flowers and vegetables according to the season. Most vegetables which grow in this season aren’t viable to grow at home such as a pumpkin. So I went with microgreens for the most part because they can be grown in almost any season if kept warm by keeping them inside the house with enough sunlight.

LO 6

In accordance with SDG 12, responsible consumption and production, it is best to produce food close to the consumption source in order to save transport pollution and also it’s best to eat local foods. It’s good for both me and the environment. I think rooftop farming, if not home gardening will be the future for food production. I also remember reading on architizer website about a huge rooftop farm that was built in paris.


I gathered enough background knowledge before starting my seeds about the kind of care they need and how to start them. 

I cleared out 5-10 minutes every alternate day to take care of my garden which includes the regular watering and bi-monthly pruning. I managed my time and kept balance in doing things that i like and things which i am supposed to do.

fenugreek seeds
more pruning
watered plants

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