CAS Project: Fundraiser (Cricket tournament)

For this CAS experience me and my friends decided to have a cricket match for charity. We decided that we would invite friends and family to a cricket match and the losing team will have to donate a certain amount to Charity


To organize this event we split up our roles.We only had one common role which was to decide on the ground. We visited several places and inquired about prices and the size of the ground, whether it’s too far or not. My individual role was to bring food for everyone else.


Splitting up the workload helped us work more efficiently. We gathered about 20-25 close friends and family to participate in this charity match.We worked as a team to organize the whole event, making sure everyone was on time and that we had everything we needed


Countless children in India don’t have a place to call home or even food for that matter.The charity that we donated to feeds hungry children and gives them a home.The SGG that this activity pertains to is Zero hunger and Health and Well-being.


Learning that people were so enthusiastic about helping others and willing to participate to help these children in need is a very noble thought and yet it is so easy. This activity is proof that helping others isn’t hard and that there are people who are there for these children that deserve our support.

To conclude this activity has developed the Learner profile Reflective for me as I have a new outlook on society and what role do I play in it, and what I can give back to the society


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