CAS Experience- Badminton

Badminton is a fast-paced racquet sport that requires a lot of stamina, agility, and strength. I have been training badminton for the last 3-4 months and continue to do so with the aim of improving my skills in it. Every Weekday except Thursday and Sunday I would go to the Sarita Sagar Club to play badminton.

Badminton allowed me to increase awareness of my own strengths and areas for growth. By being able to see my successes and mistakes when playing matches. Later, I am aware of what I am good at and what I still need to work on. For example, my judgment for front lower backhand shots was usually missed and badly misjudged, this allowed my competitor to use it against me. However, my deep high forehand shots as smash were quite powerful and fast, which was difficult to be defended by the other player. Soon, I started working on my forehand strokes and I can see a difference in the precision in my shots currently as compared to the very beginning of the year.

Inevitably, there were some challenges I encountered whilst doing this CAS activity like having some wrist aches after a practice, lack of energy for the rest of the day but most importantly time management. There were times when I had minor injuries like sprained ankles. Soon, I was able to manage my schedule in a much more planned manner. Where my homework, assignments, and self-studying schedule were met with continuing badminton.

Throughout the training months, the most difficult aspect was to remain consistent irrespective of any circumstances. Getting ready, as soon as I arrived home from school for training was definitely tiresome, however, the motivation was solely on the feeling which I received after the completion of my class. I feel healthy, and enthusiastic after every class that goes by and I learn or improve something new in me.

I interacted with players and coaches by playing against and with them. Working collaboratively in a doubles match is necessary because there is always a person who would need to get the deep clear shots and another at the net to return the soft shots. The coordination between 2 players while playing doubles reflects the gameplay. Playing doubles enhanced my team skills.

Overall, I have successfully completed my Badminton CAS experience with strands 1,2,4, and 5. One of the learner profile traits I continued to display was reflective of my progress, achievement, and drawbacks. To conclude, training never gets easier but on the contrary – it toughens as I improve. I would love to continue with this sport as my only ongoing activity which will keep me healthy, active.

Learning Outcomes- 1,2,4 and 5


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