Skating have been a huge part of my life, i have been doing it since i was 8 and now I’m doing it professionally at national level. Sports isn’t something that i do for my fitness, I do it for fun and satisfaction, improvising and learning daily is the key feature of it.

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Skating is something that most of the people did in their childhood but not most of them do it for a longer time, my mum kind of put me into it for a long time even when i didn’t wanted to do it, i realised this as a good decision when i started getting the results. You’ll never get confidence until you start getting the results, after that there was no looking back, It helped me a lot physically and mentally both, it made me stronger both the ways. I quit giving up cause i built that mentally, to not to lose and give you 100%

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Managing school and skating with my other activities wasn’t easy for me. I had to reach for my classes at 8 directly after my tuitions at 7. It possibly taught me time management and most importantly value of time . It will definitely help me in the near future while managing more work together. Initiating was the hardest part of the process because sometimes it would get very stressful physical .

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Team work makes the dream work, my fellow friends who skated with me definitely played a great role in my achievements. Its actually both easy and difficult, easy with the right ones and difficult with the wrong ones. For me it was easy cause im a friendly guy and people around me were also very sweet. They motivated me whenever i had a loss which constantly helped me with my down falls. We not only talked during the practice but also after or before the training . We were like real life buddies. Team work really makes your way toward success shorter.

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